colourful rainbowsalad (ingredients for four people)


1 small sweetheart cabbage

½  purple cabbage (approx. 18oz)


1 teaspoon of sugar

4 tbsp of cider vinegar

4 eggs

9oz of cherry tomatos

1 yellow capsicum

5oz of gouda cheese (as a piece)

1 can of corn (approx. 7oz)

2 tbsp of poppy

4 slices bacon

½ bunch of chives

5oz of ketchup

5oz of salad mayonnaise

5oz of whole milk yoghurt




  1. quarter both cabbages, cut each separated in fine strips-> give it into two bowls, sprinkle ½ teaspoon and ½ sugar per bowl, knead it powerfully, 2 tbsp vinegar per bowl-> let it steep for one hour
  2. let the eggs get hard by cooking them and peel them after it, clean tomatoes and halve them, halve the capsicum, then core and clean it and cut it into short stripes, rasp the cheese, clean the corn, let the poppy roast in a pan without fat, let the bacon stripes roast crispy directely after the poppy-> let them drain
  3. Dressing: clean the chives and cut it into small pieces, mix ketchup, mayonnaise and yoghurt, put poppy and chives into the dip, refine the dip with salt and pepper, slice the eggs-> layer each ingredients and let it steep for one hour