Difference between sports in Germany and America

Our topic is the difference between American sport activities and German sport activities in the free time and how they influence school life.

The main difference is that the american students just have school teams. They only do sports at the school campus and in the school gym.

In Germany there are a lot of different sport clubs for boys and girls. The most popular sport for german boys is soccer. But there is no specific sport for girls. The most of them are doing gymnastic, dancing or horse riding.

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German students do the most of the time sport in their free time. In Germany it is very popular for young people to go to the fitness center. The most schools in Germany do not offer any sport activities for their students.

In the USA many students spent their free time in school to practice sport because the most schools offer many sport activities. These activities are used very well by the students. The most people practice several sport activities.

When you are in a sport club, you will be divided in age classes. For each sport it is different.

In America the most popular sport for girls is cheerleading, for boys is american football. If american students do sport in a school club, they do it very seriously. The most of them do it 4 or 5 times per week and 2 to 3 hours a day.

They have different sports for the different seasons, here are examples:

for winter:

  • basketball (boys and girls separated)

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  • soccer (boys and girls separated)
  • wrestling (boys and girls together)

for spring:

  • baseball (boys and girls separated)
  • softball (boys and girls together)
  • track & field ( boys and girls separated)
  • tennis (boys and girls separated)
  • weightlifting (just boys)

for fall:

  • football (boys and girls separated)
  • cheerleading (boys and girls together and separated)
  • volleyball (boys and girls separated)

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  • cross country (boys and girls separated)
  • swimming (boys and girls separated)
  • golf (boys and girls separated)

Most of the students join a sports club when they are in the middle school. In high school there are 2 different age classes :             junior varsity (9th and 10th grades) and varsity (11th and 12th grades). The students of the varsity are better than the normal teams and have more skills.

When student have sport competitions or courses they are allowed to leave school. For them, sport is more important than school and has a big influence in school life. In the USA you can earn much money with practicing sport without having a high education.

For those who don’t practice sport, sport doesn’t influence school life.

In America there are sports which are not as popular as in Germany. For example: Lacrosse, cross country and baseball.

The main difference between sport in America and Germany is: The majority of the American students practice sport in school. Most many different sport activities and many times per week. The majority of the German students practice sport in their free time in clubs or do sport by themselves mostly in fitness centers.


IMG_1524 Foto : Carolin Schlag