The world of work and possible leisure time activities in Florida and in the Ruhr region

The world of work

For our project we compared the jobs of adults in Florida and the Ruhr region.

The different geographical conditions in the Ruhr region and Florida have a big effect on the world of work. One of the most important differences is the temperature. The weather in Florida is more constant than in the Ruhr region In Florida the temperatures are high the whole year, while in the Ruhr region the temperatures usually don’t get as high as in Florida.
For a good comparison between the worlds of work in Florida and the Ruhr region, we did a survey. As part of the survey, we interviewed German and American parents. The following issues have been raised: the kind of work, approach, working conditions and working hours.
To compare the different kinds of work, we formed four general groups: education/ social/ health, commercial / retail, public administration and industry. In analyzing the survey, we noticed that there are a one-third more people in Germany who work in the industry. The other groups of work are balanced between the American and the German people. This aspect is due to the fact that the economy in the Ruhr region is focused on the industry. West-Germany is a popular and important place for industry in general, during the economy in Florida is not only focused on the industry, but also on the agriculture (for example on orange plantations).
Besides we found out that most of the people from America and Germany only have to drive 1-15 minutes to their work. Only ten percent of the American and German people need more than 15 minutes for their approach. The declaration of this equality of the percentages is that both areas (Florida and the Ruhr region) have a good labor supply.
The working hours in the Ruhr region and in Florida are almost equal. Approximately 70% of the american and german adults work five to seven days a week. Besides the most of them work five to eight hours a day. This equality points to a similar structure of work.
Another topic we compared are the working coditions. We asked the adults wether they work outside or inside. Differently than exepted a quater of people from both areas work outside. We assumed that there are less people who work outside in Florida than in the Ruhr region, because of the hot temperatures. This aspect lets itself thus substantiate that in Florida more people work in agriculture, and this work is usually executed outside.
Our last question was about the satisfaction with the job. Both in Germany and America there are only a quarter of the persons who are not satisfied with their jobs.
Generally one can say that the working structures in Florida and in the Ruhr region are in a lot of points nearly the same.

Leisure time activities

A number of surveys which we have distributed to the American and German pupils from Bochum and Bartow in the form of questionnaires yielded large differences in the area of leisure amenities and school activities.
At the evaluation of the bends filled out by the American pupils it was particularly A number of surveys which we have distributed to the American and German pupils from Bochum and Bartow in the form of questionnaires yielded large differences in the area of leisure amenities and school activities.
At the evaluation of the bends filled out by the American pupils it was particularly conspicuous, on the other hand, that the executed sports on the one hand takes place exclusively in school after the regular lesson no sports offers be available outside the school. Furthermore one recognizes the far diversified variety of the sports as well as club occupations offered at the Bartow Highschool in the full bends. Besides the usual sports like Cheerleading, swimming and football, among other things the BHS offers a Dramaclub, a German club as well as orchestra and various Leadership classes. In addition, these offer leisure and training programs adapted to single school junctions of the Bartow High School, the armed forces school and the IB School, for the needs of her pupils extra.
The individual promotion of the interests of single pupils is here in the foreground. There sportingly or artistically is the fitting AG or the fitting club for every Schuler whether have a common denominator this one although everyone is different nevertheless at himself: the BHS.

One recognizes repeated the importance and presence of the school here in the municipal area of his own. While hardly gives to even no leisure amenities outside the school, the school offers the pupils almost every conceivable kind of leisure amenity.
The pupils identify themselves with her school in a special way as fans stand to her football club in Germany, for example. A match or the football team of one must an appearance, the Baskettballmannschaft dispute the so important Homecomingspiele, Schaaren of the remaining pupils spur the team of her school on whether now the Cheerleader. There are further clubs, such as the Skin team, which one himself paints the letters of the school, suitable in the school colors, on the bodies.
This special manner of the Indentifizierung with the school is unique America. So there is a kind of invisible ribbon between all pupils which holds everyone together. Amber at the dress-code you can see: where one only watches a walk by the school, sparkle one the Schulmascott, the bee, winks at one and it is considered good form contrary to the school colors orange and blue, on every second wall that the pupils support a part of her school at least (T-shirt, pullovers, trousers, supporter etc. )

Nevertheless are there more events, which are organized by the city of Bartow and for once not by the school. For example the Bartow Tow celebration, Disney and Legoland as well as the Halloween or Karnivalparade are included. The schools or the pupils of the schools nevertheless also play a part in these parades by disguising themselves or painting posters of the school of one’s own.

Besides the sports – listed above – the schools offer the pupils the Homecoming Dance and the Prom Nights which are a “Big deal” in America. The mothers of the daughters and sons stand primarily next to them and help them doing the nails which are freshly manicured and pedicured, the hair very put up and the professional photos. When pupils go through the Bartow High School on some days and sees on the left and on the right, big and small posters of boys and girls who want to become the Homecomingqueen or King elected for himself. And here one recognizes at the latest that the school proceeds as a whole at himself but everybody nevertheless fights for himself.

From the questionnaire which was filled out by the germans one can take from that hardly no schoolactivities at the Maerkischen Schule are offerd.
Sporting activities don’t take place with us in the school of the Mark Brandenburg. It is antgeboten to join the school choir, that with a lot of joy and engagement some pupils are assuming, though. Dedicated positions relatively popularly are socially advice in the pupil. It begins with the class speaker over year step speakers, step speakers, school conference representatives, up to the head boy. “Apupils help us the questionnaire, this one of the pupil”where pupils are offered, helped by pupils. Very clever pupils may leave the lesson to the Jahrgangstufe 5-7 prepare for performance weaker pupils for her nights written class tests at her homework zuhelfen and themselves with them. The school of the Mark Brandenburg, vesucht, offers more offers for activities such as Graffiti AG. Up till now she became numerous Teilnehmernzahl carried out once.

Activities of the Germans in her leisure time is mainly sport. Very popular are soccer games particularly with the boys. Especially are athletics at the „Olympia stadion“ really populaer in our city. The studends get exercised by professional coaches (e. g. Sabine Braun, German Olypmpia winner). Tennis is also a popular sport. Handball is a popular sport, too. The americans don’t know this kind of sport, which makes us germans really wundered. Some girls prefer the dancing, e. g. ballet or hip Hop. Since the age of 15 or 16 the teenagers are already exercised in the gyms, too. The boys make mainly muscle construction and
Fitness training and the girls do courses like Zumba, Aerobik or Spinning.

However, it is also popular to play instruments in the leisure time. The guitar and the piano but also the drums and picking instruments are played with pleasure.

In her leisure time they simply like to meet around with some friends to go to the town, to go get something to eat with some friend, to lay in the sun and get tean or to meet some friend and watch some movies and play some videogames.

In Bochum and surroundings there are some events to the one can take part. One of the festivals is “BochumTotal”. This festival takes part every year with big stages, some drinks or food is given in the center of Bochum. The number of visitors amounted to 1. 000. 000. visitor according to the police in 2007.
Moreover, there are some amusement parks, like e. g. Moviepark or Phantasialand, in which one can spend a whole day. The supply of the attractions is really big. They have many rapid roller-coasters, Freefall control tower but also smooth journeys causing dizziness.

Bochum is also a godd place for shopping tours. In Bochum, Dortmund, Essen as well as Oberhausen one can get everything.
Since it absolutely snows in the Ruhr district, there, however, are no mountains, though, there is the possibility in a ski hall in Bottrop for ski or snowboard drive. In addition, there is the possibility to the wintertime of e. g. going to drive skate at the coalmine’s custom organization open-air.

Our surroundings also reconcile parks, in which one can spend beautiful, eased hours.
There is the so-called “Erzbahntrasse” this one may not be driven with cars or similar. She begins in the PolarsternPark in Gelsenkirchen, run through Bochum and end at the Zeche Zollverein in Essen. You can ride your bicycle, inline skate or just walk on it. In addition, there is a great supply of musicals. There is the metronome theater in which Musicals known regularly changingly are listed in Oberhausen. Bochum is well known for it’s Musical “Starlight Express”, which walks on success since 25 years. Another cultural activity is the visit of the “Bergbaumuseum”. You can book a guided tour at which one is informed about the mining and the time then. In addition, there are old and very interesting antiques.

So there is in Bochum and surroundings to experience some interesting. It begins at amusing activities up to various cultural offers.

To sum up you can say, that there are great differences between Bochum and Bartow in the area of leisure amenities and activities in school. In Bartow is a great schoolspirit with professional sports teams while there are no school teams in Germany and no schoolspirit as well. For this the German practice their sport in clubs out of the school and not in schoolteams.
In addition, there are further differences in dealing with the schoolspirit. The pupils of the Bartow High School have a natural school pride which the German pupils don’t know.
So the German pupils identify himself more with the sports clubs they play in or they like most.
From this results that the American and German pupils are almost alike at the level that in Germany clubs have a higher priority than the school..
Just the types of sport, German and American students execute,is different. The Americans play football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball and occasional also soccer, which is the most popular sport in Germany. The Germans also swim and play handball. The German Girls mostly go riding.