Clubs and school activities at BHS and Märkische Schule

School activities at Bartow High School and Märkische Schule Wattenscheid


In this article we will tell you something about the clubs at Bartow High School and Märkische Schule Wattenscheid.

First we are going to show you the differences between American and German clubs.

Furthermore we are going to present what we do in Germany in our spare time and what the Americans do.













Bartow High School

Märkische Schule Wattenscheid

Spare time

– Meeting friends- Shopping

– Movies

– Eating

– Sleeping


– Soccer- Badminton

– Swimming

– Volleyball

– Tennis

– Gymnastics

– Handball

– Basketball

– Athletics

– Dancing

– Scuba diver

– Music

– Meeting friends

– Shopping

– Movies

– Eating

– Sleeping

At school

– A-Team- Anchor

– Art Club

– Band

– Badminton

– Class Officers

– Cheerleading

– Dance


– Drama

– Equestrian







– Fishing

– French

– German


– Golden Voices


– International Connections Club

– Jazz Band

– JROTC Color Guard

– Key Club

– Leadership


– Mayor’s Youth


– P.O.L.I.S.H.E.D Ladies


– Spanish Club


– Guard

– Summerlin Companies

– Guard

– Lacrosse Team

– Raiders

– Teen Trendsetters

– Transition Club

– Tri-M Music Honorary

– Club


– Youth in Government


– Art- Choir

– Orchestra

– Theater

– Film

– Reading

– Books

– Skilled work

– Cambridge


– Oral communication

– Russian

– Athletics

– Handball

– Soccer

– Internet

– Computer

– Media

– Math

– Cinema

– Meditation

– Medical group

– Legal studies

Some pictures and explanations of activities in America



Football is one of the famous sport activities in America.

In one team are 11 players which have to make points for their team. You can get 6 points when you get the ball into the end of the football field.

Then you can get one other point while you kick the ball throgh the goal. Before the other team can get the ball in the end of the field the other team can hit the players to the ground.




Basketball is a famous sport in America, too. The best players can join the clubs in the NBA. In this game are 5 people in one team which have to make points for their team.

You can make points when you throw the ball into the basket. The you get 2 points. When you have got a bigger distance you can get 3 points for one basket.

You are only allowed to touch the ball with your hands.


Pictures and explanations of free time activities in Germany



Soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. The two teams have to kick the ball into the goal. One player of each team stays in the goal and is allowed to catch the ball with the hands. The other players are only allowed to hit the ball with their feeds and their head. The team with the most goals win the game. The game ends after 90 minutes plus sometimes a additional time.



On one Handball field are 14 players. Seven in one team and one of them stays in the goal. The players are only allowed to hit the ball with their hands. The teams have to throw the ball onto a goal but they have to stay in a special distance to the goal.


Some pictures and explanations of clubs at Bartow High School

Art Club


The students who join the Art clubs can grow in their creativity. In addition the art is not only a picture, it is the direct impression of themselves. The pupils work on 12 to 24 assignments per year, e.g. sketchbook assignments, art history studies, and research work chosen by the student. Each student is also expected to go to a cultural event and write about that experience. They are talking about first experiences, too, e.g. the teacher’s first picture shows a guy fishing. Different projects like graphic design, prints, photography and collages are part of the Art club, too. But the main point is that the people have fun and meet other students.


The instruments which the students in the Band are playing with are offered by the school. If there is concert soon they have more rehearsals than at other times. They usually practice from 3.00 to 6.00 p.m. at school.



In comparison with Germanycheerleading is a normal sport and it is so popular that the Americans rate it as a religion. They are dancing, jumping, making stunts and they cheer at games, e.g. to cheer the football players on. But for being so good they have to practice.


In Drama Club you play different games. All have a special purpose. Some of the games teach the students improvisation: Two people play a scene with a situation that was chosen by the others. They have to speak and make many gestures. One student is only listening to the scene. Another shout “Stop!” and the students that play the scene “freeze”. The student who only listened to the scene take turns with one of the two and goes on with the scene. It doesn’t have to be the same theme. Another game is called ”The Night Of The Museum”. Everyone is a statue and is standing around the room. One or two students are the night guards. Every group (statues à 4-6 people) portray a special theme. They have to move- but they have to watch out that the night guard(s) doesn’t (don’t) see them. Who is seen is out of the game. A big highlight in a year is the big school play, e.g. in spring.


Activities at School

As you can see Bartow High has got more clubs in school than the “Märkische Schule”. Additional the clubs in Germany teach the pupils and the clubs at Bartow High teach the pupils for charity and the nature. Furthermore you can do the Summerline clubs at Bartow High only in summer.

Still there are similarities in some clubs like the French clubs where you can learn to speak French or to get better in French. In addition you can enjoy the Spanish club at Bartow High and “Märkische Schule”. There are some similarities which are not languages like Art clubs or the band.

Some clubs require the students to be at school one period before the normal classes. Other clubs-like band- demand them to stay until the afternoon to practice the songs. In the Football season the players must go to practice actually every afternoon and at the weekend.

Activities in Spare time

The American students do not have any clubs outside their school, so they go home after school and have free time.

In Germany all clubs are after school so they do not have as much as free time with friends like us. 10.26.12 8.27



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